Mud: Chronicles of the Third Realm War Book 1



Mud (Chronicles of the Third Realm War Book 1)

By E.J.Wenstrom

mudThis author’s debut novel is a must read for those who like epic quests and the supernatural. Unusually narrated by the main character, a Golem, the range of emotions and questions of the heart are incredible.

I have always been intrigued by the stories and legend behind the Golem. In Mud, Wenstrom takes the reader on a legendary quest not unlike those of Greek mythology. It harnesses the power within that even if you feel you are nothing, you are a powerful cog in the universe. In this YA novel, you get a glimpse into the soul of an unusual outcast who turns out to be a hero. The story wraps itself into you from the very start, infusing legend with what may or may not be history, and leaves you craving the next book in the trilogy. The characters are each unique and well developed, the attention to detail is marvelous.

It was easy to escape to the world within this book, and hard to stop reading, even for a moment. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and was enthralled by the vision of the Underworld. Wondering if this author is a prophet or a missionary from another dimension. I highly recommend this novel to all who long for the quest, the search, for a little soul. 

Published by: City Owl Press
: 978-0-9862516-6-5.


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  1. The Golem is the original Frankenstein and in a time where the world grapples with creating monsters the Golem stands as a testament to not messing with nature.

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