Necessary Evils


No, this post is not what you think. You most likely remember I started a new job a very short time ago. Having worked primarily in my own business for a majority of my adult life, it is a harsh realization that other’s expectations are not the same as my own. I excel at customer service, I’m a people person, and I recognize my faults. One of them (and it comes not only from running the show in the office but also at home,) is that I sometimes assume a role that is not mine to take. Without meaning to be disrespectful of my peers and awesome coworkers, I may say or do something inadvertently that might get me in trouble. Harmless, but harmful all at once.

And so, today’s post. A few hard truths I am listing in my mind, to remind me how to act, what to NOT say or do, and how to just generally share the person I am. It’s about really looking at the bigger picture with open eyes and open hearts. And since I am still on blog vacay mode, it comes to you in short form. Take notes, motivate yourself, and make your life awesome.

·       Confidence. You may never feel as confident as you want to feel. Insecurities haunt even the best of us but don’t misstep. Don’t be afraid to move forward when you don’t feel 100% ready, because moving forward, taking that next step, actually boosts your confidence.

·       Change is uncomfortable. Period.

·       Habits are hard to break. Some of the behaviors we have, even unconscious ones, are hard to let go. Be cognizant and stay focused. You can move ahead of the toxic faults in your past and current life situation.

·       Being popular is overrated. Do your best with what you do. Be passionate, humble and kind. Do the right thing, even if nobody will ever notice. And btw, don’t be a rat. Nobody wins.

·       Life is too short for arguments. Be selective in choosing your battles. Feeling at peace is better than feeling (or being) right all the time. Learn to let it go, and keep your head up high. No drama.

·       Listen. Often we hear what we want to hear, not what is being said. Listen to the stuff you don’t want to hear, even if it’s painful. It will help you to grow.

·       Watch out for distractions. Make a routine – manage your time or it will get away from you. You will never master your life until you learn to control your focus.

·       Your response to life is powerful. Life happens, and often we have zero control over passing events. This means that we live based on reaction, and what your end result will be is based on how you choose to respond. Be proactive when possible.

·       Don’t be a victim. It’s easy to get caught in the “martyr trap,” but your past should not dictate your future. Let go of what you cannot control and be grateful for the things you can. Live life for the little things, embrace each moment with gratitude.

·       Being calm is a secret superpower. Try not to take everything so personally. You will find yourself feeling more peaceful, and without the need always to be right; you will see more happiness in life.

There is so much more, but I’m on hiatus, lol. Be strong, be silent, be boisterous, be happy, be inspired. Be everything.

Stay motivated and caffeinated.😊☕