Pep Talk


Time for morning beansToday is all about organization. From the closets in the house to the files in the mind. The start of a new year always makes me feel auspicious, I can change!

No resolutions, but a promise that for today, everything will be in an ordered fashion. The laundry folded, work cleared off my desk, new tasks set in motion, kids kept in line and on time, etc.

Organizing your life is as easy as organizing a cabinet drawer, it just needs a little extra shove to get started. So to all my friends in need of a good spring cleaning- take out the trash, literally and figuratively, and start the year off in the right frame of mind. A positive outlook and a little decision making will help get you on the right track. Today I am organizing my goals for my lifetime, a work in constant progress, it must be given time to evolve. Just as the bread needs to rise, so too the random thoughts and ideas in my head.

Starting to realize my potential in all aspects of life is what I am about, for today.

So to all of you out there – let’s organize, prioritize and make this a great year!8