Pet Peeves


Time for morning beansHello out there! It’s been a while. So much has happened. Kids growing up way too fast, changes in career, changes in home, changes in lifestyle. And that’s where today’s post is headed.
We moved. Sold the house, now renting a fabulous town home in a nice neighborhood. The community is lovely with brick paved pathways and lovely courtyards. Very European, quiet, tidy homes nestled up against each other. Each one personalized with a floral door wreath, a cherub statue by the front door, balconies with all sorts of outdoor seating. An eclectic bunch of mostly transient people, who choose to pay the premium price for this community, whether to be in the “better” school district, or to be near the houses of worship.

So what’s the problem? It isn’t the fact that after the leasing office closes the loos near the pool are locked, even though the pool is open, it isn’t the incredible lack of parking spaces or the ridiculous tiny drives. It’s the dogs. Or more matter of fact, the impertinent, uncaring, irresponsible, disgusting dog owners.

Let me clarify. I am a dog owner. And I am a responsible dog owner. Lady walks on a leash, and we pick up (yes, I know, eeeew) but it’s the law. My 9 pound dog requires cleanup twice a day, and to enjoy my lovely surroundings, I pick up. The community has thoughtfully placed doggie bins with a constant supply of pick up bags throughout the community. There is no excuse.

One of my new resolutions, was to start walking. Lady is an amazing walking partner, she keeps a decent pace, doesn’t whine, and she keeps me company. We begin each day with a 3-5 mile jaunt. Imagine how I feel, I stretch, open the door and step out into my lovely courtyard, only to see large and small piles of poop. Not only in the grassy common, but on the brick paved pathways! How horrid a person are you? Apparently, after voicing complaints to the management, I found out that they are capable of else ding mass emails regarding barking dogs, loud noises from one unit to the next, but apparently, poop is exempt. The evil perpetrators must be caught in the act. Some of these dogs must be over 100 pounds based on the size of the piles. GROSS! Perhaps it is time for each courtyard to have a litter station, or for the management company to invest in security cameras. I’m tempted.

And let’s discuss the leash law. I admit, at 5:00 am when Lady needs a wee, and the courtyard is empty, I grab the leash, (which has clean up bags attacked in a dispenser), but she really just zips onto the grass, does her business and runs back into the house ahead of me.  And some of my immediate neighbors do the same. That in truth does not bother me. We all seem to favor small white maltipoos, and we all clean up after our dogs. Peeve? The big ones. The guy in the courtyard just behind us with the big beige dog who can hardly walk, that is unleashed and leaves large piles, the girl in the hoody from the courtyard across who walks two 20 pound dogs without a leash, sees you looking at her, and then picks up the dog they pooped and runs without clean up, yeah, she ignores your offer of a hpbag as well. And the visiting boyfriends. I know you want to show your girl that you can take her dog for a walk, just not on the walkways and PLEASE, clean up! She won’t love you when she gets fined.

So, do I invest in a security camera, mount it on the balcony and catchy these horrid humans? I have in mind to do just that, and then to not even turn them in to the management, but to post their irresponsible mugs and criminal act all over the Internet. Imagine that! But, pacifist that I am, I will be in the management office later. Today with pictures of the offensive piles on the pavement so they can organize a clean up. Truly, if you want to have a dog, heed the laws and just do what’s right. Nobody wants to smell vile rotting poo when they step,outside in the lovely Florida heat each morning, nor do they wish to step in it when on the walkways. Do us all a favor and either learn to clean up and be responsible, or give the dog away.
I envy the community I saw on the local news. When you sign a lease, if you have a dog(s) they take a DNA sample. If someone complains about or they find a poo pile, it is tested, you are fined and charged for lab fees as well. I’m on board. Time to clean up the neighborhood.
Rant over. Enjoy your day peeps.