Plan goals: day six of the Ten Day Challenge


Hey there Sunshine! You are over the hump now, great work! Let’s take today to talk about setting yourself up for continued success. Yeah, grab that coffee, here we go!

Day 6:

Challenge: Set up a long term plan for your no resolution plan. (it’s OK, you can laugh)

So, you took this 10-day challenge because it seemed easy. A real no-brainer just some advice on how to live a healthier life. Now, you’ve nearly made it to the end, and you are either thinking, “phew, it’s over,” “I didn’t really have to challenge myself here,” or “how can I keep going?” Bonus points if you chose that last option! So, let’s take this journey together. We all have room to grow.day6

Tips for Effective and Attainable Goals:

The Challenge: When you set your goals, they need to be realistic and suited to who and where you are right now. Today. I would love to think I could take on a triathlon, but I am lucky enough to be able to make it 45 minutes on the cardio equipment at the gym. And yes, I am huffing and puffing!

  1. Take small steps. Build it up, and be reasonable. Push yourself a little, but not too hard, or you will fear the flop. But do set a goal for more than where you are, or boredom will crush your resolution like an icky bug. So now, in the immortal words of the great bard…” Rise from thy chair and get thee off thy buttocks; go forth and doest something to make you sweat.” Then, don’t forget your day 2 resolution! (hint: water, water everywhere…)
  2. Be Specific. As Yoda said, “There is no try, only do.” Not new advice. Make sure your goals are very precise, concrete and measurable. Make certain you have a way to chart your progress. I’m sure there’s an app somewhere for that. Be real. For me, I’m working on that emo eating. I am noting all the garbage I am NOT stuffing in my mouth, so I can reach my goal of weight loss. Your goal may be different, depends on which habit is bugging you the most.
  3. Be flexible. Nothing on earth stays the same, so make sure you are adaptable. Sometimes your day is so overwhelming, you can hear your good friends Ben & Jerry calling from the highway. Make sure you have a contingency plan, because I know I will be sitting down with those guys and a spoon. Guilt will settle in, and BANG! A bad habit is back. Remember, it’s all about attitude and motivation. “Pobody’s Nerfect” and you will have the occasional off day. It’s alright. Really.

Positivity. Make sure your goals are positive. We are human, and we handle praise better than self-flagellation. Approach your new habits with what you DO want,  instead of with the idea of avoiding what you DON”T want.