Reaching Your Goals: Commitment vs. Interest


You say you’re motivated; it’s a new year, you have a reunion coming up, maybe it’s that BIG birthday. Either way, you want to look good, you want to be fit, body and mind, and you want it all to happen NOW! Am I right folks?

No matter what your end goal, when it hasn’t happened by daybreak, you lose momentum. Yes, I am talking to YOU! (and to me). Sadly, when we set goals, less than 10 percent of us will succeed. I know, right? So how do you and I get to be in that 10 percent of successful overachievers? They have a secret, but so do I…and I’m willing to share.

It’s no secret to any of my regular peeps that I’m on the road to a new career in coaching. That took guts, planning and a goal. Will I make it- YOU BETCHA! And why you ask, am I so sure of myself? Because I have learned to be SMART. Yes, thank you to my instructor for teaching me, and the rest of my classmates (whoever they are) to be SMART. I know, why the heck is she writing in caps, and what is she on about? Nothing terribly new, but something perfect for any goal you have, be it blogging, weight loss or just being a kinder, better human.

Way way back in 1981, a new term was coined by productivity experts. You see, people were setting themselves up with humongous goals, but falling short. Why? Lack of motivation, organization or they just plain got lost on the way there.

SMART is an acronym that we all need to keep posted on our makeup mirrors. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, Time-based goals. So, the basic gist my peeps, is to create smart goals by writing them out, creating a timeline and a plan, and following through. Seems easy enough right? Well, there is something essential missing. In my coaching training, I am being taught (for myself, and to share with you and later clients) that before you map out that plan to make your life uber awesome, you need to have the right mindset.

Commitment vs. Interest – are you really ready?

OK, so here’s the tough part. Are you committed or interested? Because without being committed, you will almost certainly fall short. Let’s break it down. Commitment is dedication; it’s making that decision to forgo dessert, to walk the extra mile or to take on that new class that scares the bejeezus out of you. Commitment my friends, goes beyond being intrigued and interested. You have taken on the responsibility, no matter what, to succeed in your endeavor, whatever it may be. So even if you’re exhausted, you’ll sit through that study session, you’ll head to the gym instead of watching Netflix, and maybe, you’ll skip that birthday cake, even if it’s Carvel.

If you sense that maybe interest is as good as it gets, you CAN still make it happen. Be strong, buck up and follow my incredibly wise advice. (Yes, I did just do that – I’m patting myself on the back too.) First and foremost- get the right attitude! Alright peeps, here you really need to listen to that inner voice; is it excited and enthused, or just blah? Guess what – you can change that voice. Own it, and encourage yourself to stay on track. YOU CAN DO IT!

Next, it’s all about having some confidence! Think Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music…

With each step I am more certain, Everything will turn out fine. I have confidence, The world can all be mine! …

All I trust I leave my heart to, All I trust becomes my own! I have confidence in confidence alone, … Besides, which you see, I have confidence in me!”

Confidence and commitment go together – if one falls away, so does the other. Look at challenges that you’ve faced and overcome. Use them as a guide to feel out your personal strengths and bring those to the table again now. How can you make these traits work for you in reaching your goal now? And while you’re feeling all good about yourself, (and humming along with Julie Andrews) check your motivation. If you’re not passionate about your goal, you’ll struggle. Ask yourself how important it is to achieve success in your goal, no matter how big or small. Your answer (the one in your heart) should be strong enough to keep you motivated and on track.

Alright then folks, are you interested or motivated? Find others who might be able to offer support. Hang out with goal driven peeps and you too will reach beyond your ideas and make your dreams reality. No, it’s not Disney, just common sense. If you’re a blogger joining a blogging group, coffee addict, find Caffeinators Anonymous – I think they meet at Starbucks and DD daily, lol. Keep your vision in front of your mind at all times. Give yourself a mantra, or a picture or saying on your phone, car dashboard and/or cubicle wall. Keep it where you can see it when your commitment is lagging. Remember, big dreams and goals require not only a desire, but dedication, determination and patience. Oh yeah, and some discipline. Please pass the donuts…

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Commitment is what helps us succeed at the end of the day and with your tips things can go smoothly!

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