Reality Check


I am still yawning trying to this post written. Insomnia had a win last night, and I’m working on 100% caffeination and some long lost adrenaline. What is it about the middle of winter (and why is it so cold in South Florida) that keeps us in hibernation mode? It’s been over a week after having the kids home for the longest, most fantastic month,  and I’m moving like slow, black molasses.

Here’s the good news! If you are suffering exhaustion, lack of appetite (or increased munchies) distractibility and sleeplessness, you just may be suffering from the back-to-reality blues. Since I spent some time browsing the web, I found a few tips to help overcome the mid-winter blues, even if you live south of the border.

  • Set some new goals. No resolutions, you all know how I feel about those. It’s all about making positive changes for better living. (See Ten Things for a Better Me (& You) in 2018)
  • Music. I don’t know about you, but music inspires me. I’m not into all that pop top 40 stuff, but a little Green Day, Cure or even Incubus on a rainy day is inspirational and gets the words flowing. A little tip, if you weren’t into punk/alternative in your past, don’t try it now for inspiration.)
  • Comfy Clothes. Since my current commute is heading down 15 steps and a sharp right to the kitchen, I prefer to wear clothing that I like, that I am comfortable wearing as I type, write and wander back and forth for coffee. Of course, if you are office-bound, professional attire please, but it doesn’t have to involve FMP’s, lots of zips and ties or ‘blingy’ jewels. Sedate, comfortable and functional.
  • Get in early. Not a massive problem for me and the other freelancers, but perhaps not so easy for you commuters. It may involve getting to bed a bit earlier unless you have insomnia or are a night owl. If so, skip to the next tip.

    “It’s more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words, but rather short, easy words like, ‘what about lunch?'” _Winnie the Pooh
  • Lunch. I am always hungry, even when I’m not. Knowing that I have lunch in mind, or better yet prepared makes me happy and productive. After all, once I finish “x” amount of writing, I get to eat! Bonus points if you can make plans to meet a friend for lunch.
  • Move it. Yes, you. It’s essential to shift positions or take a walk every so often. Stretch, bend, take the stairs, pop in a load of wash, walk the dog – whatever it takes. And movement enhances creativity. (OK, No real study on that, but MBB says it does.)
  • Embrace your moody blues. Nobody likes getting back to the routine of work after having a break, even if you took a staycation. Here’s a little tidbit- writers have a tough enough time writing in the first place, primarily if they work from home. There are always distractions. That’s normal. The blah feeling will pass, and the words will pour from your heart and soul and assignments. I’m guessing this works for other professions as well.
  • Visualize fun stuff. Stop moaning and groaning about your workload. Be grateful to have work. Find something fun to focus on for later. It can be as simple as a Netflix marathon or as complex as planning your next getaway. I like to do the assignments I dread first, so the fun and exciting ones are left to end up the day. Some of you are reverse. That’s OK. Just focus on the fun.
  • Hope. For those other creatives out there, take a few to work on something personal. Even adding a line or two to a work in progress that has nothing to do with paid assignments gives you a boost of creative joy and hope. Your body triggers the Happy Hormones, dopamine is released, and you are on a victory roll. Your body loves this high and will seek it over and over again. Your brain (and you) will be ready to tackle anything!

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😊☕


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  1. A great post. I have been struggling for a long time and honestly don’t know how I function. Breaking it down helps as does your touches of humour.

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