Respect, How to Win at Life


Hey there peeps! Hope your summer is still going along fine, and that you haven’t forgotten to take care of your sweet, precious self. I want to revisit the whole idea of respect. It’s complex, really, that positive vibe you get when you are kind to others, etc. But what IS respect?

Respect, in my very humble opinion lovelies, is all about how you treat others. It’s that sense of understanding other people’s feelings, believing in yourself and other’s abilities, and generally, being that awesome human you were tossed into the universe to be. Respect is a two-way street, but if you respect yourself and others, well, then others will treat you with respect as well.

The way we show our respect to any human being varies from one person to that of the other because of our cultures, religion and the environment where we live. Basic respect is all about not harming others, being honest, and having patience with the general population. But what about self-respect?
Think about how you respect others and begin to do the same with yourself. You wouldn’t think of hurting yourself in any instance, and you should NEVER insult yourself in front of others. Be brutally honest with yourself and stand up for what you believe in, whenever necessary. Not only will you gain self-respect and the respect of others, but also, that self-confident bubble will rise from within, letting you be the best YOU that are capable of being.

So how can you start treating yourself better, with some respect?

  • Love and take care or yourself: People who don’t like themselves cannot see the beauty around them. Love yourself first. Take care of your well-being; it builds confidence
  • Know what you are good at. The more you concentrate on knowing yourself, the more you will fall in love with your awesome inner self. You will realize the things you are good at and start appreciating yourself.
  • Know your worth. Stay away from people who disrespect you. Don’t let others insult you or take away any of the pleasure you get from living life in the way it feels right to you.

So now, how does this make you a winner? Once you respect yourself and gain back that confidence, the world becomes your oyster. Yes, I know, cliché. But it’s true. Once you are confident, all those puzzle pieces will fit together…career, family, love, etc. Be true to you, the rest will follow.


Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕