Reward Yourself: day ten of the Ten Day Challenge


Reward Yourself

Day 10

Hooray! You made it! Give yourself a big pat on the back. No resolution challenge to a better lifestyle…whooohooo!

day10Yes, healthy habits and being mindful are totally challenging, BUT also very rewarding. You feel more relaxed, peaceful, grateful. I know, don’t thank me, you’re the hero here. I want you to keep going on your journey, so feel free to repeat the challenge in any order you want, for as long as you want. You’ve got it now!

Your last challenge:

This one comes with two parts. One for now, and one for later.

First: Reward yourself with something good right now. (OK< You can take a week if it needs an appointment)

Second: Reward yourself again, but not today…in a couple of months. (maybe even with my next fun challenge!)

By acknowledging your accomplishments, you are set up for continued success! Your list of go to rewards is probably different from mine, but I’m going to share my favorites with you anyway.

  1. A Nap. (Really)
  2. (Really #1, but I’m being polite)
  3. All by myself. Usually with coffee.
  4. A walk on the beach. (Love the sand in my toes)
  5. GNO (Girl’s Night Out – usually involves laughter)
  6. Anything from Lush. (The Happy Hippie Shower Gel is my current favorite)
  7. (Something dark and either black, blood red or blue)
  8. New Undies. (Let’s not go there)
  9. Kipling (self-explanatory since Vivienne Westwood is tough to find and finance)
  10. Godiva (just one hazelnut praline truffle)

Congrats! You made it through the realistic no-resolution morning beans blog challenge! Today is your day to shine! Keep moving on with good habits in mind. I’m so proud of you!

Stay motivated and caffeinated!