Scaling Down



Sometimes you just need to have your cake...
Sometimes you just need to have your cake…


A brief disclaimer: this post is unlike what you’re used to from me, but sometimes I can’t stop the idea from brewing. Love ya my sweet petunia peeps!

Alright folks, the holidays are almost here, and I would be remiss if I thought that motivation alone will get us all through the season. Let’s take today not only to be aware and motivated (I’m already highly caffeinated- how about you? 😍) but let’s talk about being healthy. Turkey Day 🍗 and the December blitz all come not only with family and good cheer🎉, but also with lots of yummy, unhealthy desserts🍰 and wine🍾. This all seems like a fun party, until the day after- yes, January 2nd.  So far away, and yet so close…and the bathroom scale is mocking you already. You are being judged by the rotating dial (digital display for the fancier folk) and the thought alone is enough to put even the best optimist into the throes of despair.

So just what is this obsession we have with our weight? The scale for many, myself included, is a strong enemy to be avoided at all costs. I have tossed mine. Yup. Out out darn scale! ⚖ I mean, who needs that kind of negative obsession? Used the right way, the bathroom scale is a great tool for navigating healthy weight and BMI (yes, Banana Mocha Ices) 😋 – OK, really – you know what it’s all about. So how do we start being better about our relationship with the scale and the holiday yummies? Keep reading my happy peeps. Let’s show this tool that it’s only a guide, but not at all what determines our self-worth. We are more than our dimply cheeks and muffin tops.

Take note my sweets – this is important stuff here. You are more than your body weight. Promise.

Sure signs you need to toss that scale off the nearest cliff or into the ocean:

You visit the loo to spend quality time with that rotational dial several times a day. NOT a good idea. Besides the AM muffin binge, you weight fluctuates all day. Why put yourself through the agony of that roller coaster ride 🎢? It’s not a game, it’s war, and you will forever be hiding in the foxholes. Stop weighing in more than once a week. I tossed my scale, and use my jeans as a handy guide – too snug- no carbs, too loose -yippee, I can stop for Carvel on the way home! 🍦

How about this scenario…you are constantly worried about weighing in. Uh huh- yep, I see you sweating. Relax, the one teeny tiny chocolate 🍫 isn’t going to break you. Worry if you ate the whole gigantor sized Halloween bag of 230+ pieces. Listen peeps, we all want to see the numbers go down, but for some, it’s not going to happen or it won’t happen as quickly as we like. It’s OK. Stop obsessing about the scale, and get out there and live! Family and friends are more important than teeny lighted dials – right?

If you can tell me your weight in gazillion digits like Pi, then my lovely, we have a problem. I know I weigh around…wait a sec – did you really think I’d tell? 😁 Nope. Not even my doc gets that privilege. Listen, we all want to see a smaller number on the scale, and that’s OK. Just stop obsessing and measuring to the nearest thousandth point of decimal place. I mean, the measurements alone are scary – pounds, stones…sheesh! Be healthy. Lose the scale. ⚖

Time to toss the scale and live healthy and happy.
Time to toss the scale and live healthy and happy.

Let’s try this one. “Hi! How are you feeling today?! 😎” If the answer is not sunny side up, then you need to reconsider this whole scale issue. If the number in the AM and I’ve already told you – once a week is more than enough if you can’t see tossing the weighted lump to the scrap heap (btw, you can get some cash for that metal, and it’s a quick way to lose a pound or two… 😁) this is really sad. Stop letting a hunk of junk determine how you feel. If you didn’t weigh yourself this morning, and you were wearing your new top, or if your eye makeup hasn’t come out like you’re a raccoon (seriously, this is an issue for me folks) how would you be feeling? Pretty good about yourself I’d bet. So stop doing that Charlie Brown sad thingy and be happy! Weight is often out of our hands, unless, as we started, it’s the holiday season.

So now, what to do? Here’s a teeny tiny quick list. Feel free to post this on your bathroom mirror.

  1. Hide the scale.
  2. Start the day with something positive. I begin with coffee. ☕
  3. End the day with something positive. I end with a good yoga stretch and a simple meditation because I am worth it. (On bad days I end with chocolate 🍫, so don’t stress folks)

    Begin and end your day with some positive thoughts, and maybe some of those two big C' and chocolate.
    Begin and end your day with some positive thoughts, and maybe some of those two big C’s…coffee and chocolate.

Stay Motivated and caffeinated! (no calories in the coffee) 😉☕








  1. I stopped weighing myself years ago because knew I would never see the number I wanted and wasn’t sure if I could even get to that number again (maybe not even realistic). Now I go by how I feel (especially when I don’t exercise), my clothes and if I can still run for the bus. It should be about life style not the number. Thanks for the post.

    • Brenda, I agree. It should be about feeling healthy, comfy clothes and being semi fit. We can’t have it all. Beauty comes from within, and that’s what I aim for every day. Stay motivated and caffeinated and come see me agai! ☕️

  2. Great post! It’s easy to get caught up in that number on the scale instead of just living life and making consistent changes to reach your goal.

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