Self Image


Time for morning beansSince it is the start of the New Year, I figure I’ll go back to idea of resolution. Today I realized, that to succeed, I need to stop redirecting myself to the idea of my self image. it is not what defines me, nor is it what boosts my self-confidence or ability in any way. The ideal self-image, is all the things that I defend as what make me unique and, quite frankly, “me.” All the negative aspects of “me” do not exist here, no fears, no guilt, nothing to threaten my sense of self, no matter how I feel, or how lost I feel I am from my “self.”

Deepak Chopra believes, and shares the premise that “to really feel good about yourself, renounce your self-image. Immediately you will find yourself being more open, undefended, and relaxed.” What a great idea! If I do not believe that I have anything to live up to, then the stress of achieving more than what i can is no longer present. What I mean to say is, I spend a lot of time trying to keep a positive spin on my sense of self, and who I am, and who I want to be. I think that in general, people all try to turn a negative self-image to a positive one, but that the right choices are not always clear. Every time I (or  you) try to reshape self-image, it reminds me of who I was, my self-image cannot possible be the same as when I was 12, 17, 25 or even 40. Each year it changes, sometimes due to outside influence, sometimes, because life happens.

As time passes, I realize that the important things about how I perceive my self, are not so important anymore. The idea of self is based on a lot of memories and experiences, and though I cannot or will not deny their existence or that they have shaped my person, I do need to free myself. If I begin each day with a fresh outlook, one positive spin on my “self,” either in appearance, belief, or confidence, then I am choosing to be my self for the first time.I will stop being ruled by self image when: I feel what I feel, not what society dictates me to feel, when the little things no longer offend me to the point of anger, when I can stop judging others, whether consciously or not, and when I can stop obsessing over things that are beyond my control.

I will be at my most comfortable, at peace with my “self” when I can keep a changing palette of my self, one that mirrors what I feel, how I feel, not how society wants me to feel (or be or look).