Setting Goals, day one of the Ten Day Challenge


Welcome To the Morning Beans Challenge!

Visitors who signed up in for the 10-Day Challenge, we’re treated to an early preview.

I know, you’re already stressed. Breathe. This one is so easy, so realistic, that you will reach your goals in no time. The best part about it, is you take it one day at a time. Ready? OK. Grab that coffee and your calendar. (Not that you’ll need it, I’ll help keep you on track every day.)

Most resolutions and challenges for happy, healthy, mindful lives end up causing stress. Avoid the disaster prone recipe of taking it all on at once, and schedule yourself.

Day 1:

day1_revisedSchedule yourself. Commit to a small block of time every day to devote to reaching your goal. Pretend it’s an important meeting with a very important and essential client – YOU!

Make the commitment to do just one or two things each day. Check in and let me know how you’re doing. Often. We are all in this together!

Game on, so caffeinate yourself and let’s go!

Tips for Goal Setting:

Create a Plan. Know where you’re headed, what resources you need, and who is there to support you.

Keep in mind a Plan B for when that crazy chimpanzee tosses a wrench into Plan A.

Start small. One focus at a time. Once you start building a new habit, instant confidence booster, and, I’m your best cheerleader! Try me!

Write it down. (Why I told you to schedule in your planner.) Give yourself a daily deadline that alone is powerful enough to keep you committed. Seeing it in print makes it real and attainable.

Be specific. No absolutes though, we all need a little swing room. Remember, we are taking this challenge in measurable bursts that we have complete control over.

  • Never say “NEVER.”
  • Don’t expect perfection.
  • Keep track of your progress. A pretty little journal is a great recorder.
  • Reward your success, and no beating yourself up over a setback.
  • Make the commitment. Don’t doubt yourself. You can do anything!


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