Sippy Cup: day nine of the Ten Day Challenge


Sippy Cup

Day 9

day9Now you know, this wouldn’t be a great Morning Beans Challenge without coffee. I want to address your love of Starbucks. You know the burnt roast and sugary lattes that are on every corner, complete with drive through service. Those liquid calories add up fast!

Challenge: Sip Smarter

Two words: Cold Brew, or French Press, Iced Coffee (hold the sugar and whipped cream)

I know, not all of you are coffee drinkers, but just for today, at least, sip a little less sugar.

Let’s start with the java joints. Opt out of the Super Grande Venti Frappuccino, and swap in iced coffee. Use skim milk and (ugh, Splenda) if you must. I like it straight up, black, which of course has no calories, curls my hair and wakes me up…all day. You’ll be saving at least 400 calories.

Next, non-java junkies. I can’t MAKE you drink coffee, but do make a swap. Instead of a diet soda, try some infused water.

Smoothie lovers, get it raw. No sugar added – you’re still getting calories, but the natural good kind.

Milkshake morning people? Swap the milk for Hemp milk or skim or 1% and lighten up on the sugary additives.

For those of you motivated enough to really make a swap, the amazing Coca-Cola people have a chart. Compare, contrast, and sip smart.