Step it up: day seven of the Ten Day Challenge


Step It Up!

Day 7

We all know that we are supposed to move it: 10,000 steps a day.

Today, I challenge you to pick up your feet and make an extra 500 steps happen. Add these to your normal daily “stuff.” Even if you aren’t walking that recommended 10,000, at least you’re moving! Good for you, and a healthy habit that takes almost no effort.

Three Sneaky Tips to Get Those Extra Steps:

  • day7Try my Trifecta. Break it down. It’s easy for me, I have a schizo
    dog who needs to get out. Honestly, I think she would walk to Australia if I let her. Break it down so you can walk three short walks: AM, PM, and some later PM. If you’re steady but slow, 20 minutes will bank you a mile, so I see 3 miles a day in your bright futures!
  • Power Hour. This is a little challenge my friend suggested. It’s a little game. How many steps can you take in one hour? Try it at the beach, the park or the mall. Coffee rewards are optional.
  • Buddy System. You remember this one from camp. This is great because when you walk those steps with a friend, you are accountable AND it’s more fun. You won’t even notice how quickly the time will pass, and surely, you will be thrilled when those jeans are fitting a bit better.