The Adventurer’s Guide to Life


Life As We Make It

Let’s write a book together. No, not really my lovelies, but metaphorically. Think about your life. I’m on an adventure kick this week, so I’ll try and keep this one simple. If your life were a book, in what section of the bookstore would it be shelved? What amazing mind grabbing title would it have? Would it be something like’ ” The Predictable Life & Times of (insert your name here folks),” or would it be more like, “The Wild Life and Escapades of (your name here)?” Real life probably falls somewhere in-between, with heartbreaking agonizing times, and the thrilling memories of past excursions. There are probably long stretches of boredom and daily business mixed up with moments of pure joy. We are creatures of habit. We tend to like routine, and often become too comfortable. We resist too much excitement (are we scared to live on the edge?), while at the same time we long to live a more adventurous and exciting life. While great in theory, the exciting, fly by the seat of your pants lifestyle is daunting., especially if we are set in our ways.

As I said in my last post, we don’t have to do anything as dramatic as tandem parachuting or becoming 007 to have a more interesting and exciting life. It’s the little things, the simple changes in the way we think,  that can shake up our world just enough to infuse a little more fun. Be adventurous on your own terms. Step out of your everyday routine and put some glittering sparkle into your life with some creative thinking and planning.

Here’s my short list to a happy, more exciting adventure of a life.

Shake it up !
First, start at the top. Shake up your morning routine. Instead of following the same boring wake-up routine every day, change it up. Wake up ten minutes early and have  that first cup of coffee outside. Turn on some music. 🎼🎧 Dance around the kitchen in your pjs. Take a different route on your morning commute. Just starting out a little differently will put a zippy little thrill in your day.

Next, make some room. 🚚🚚 If your life is overflowing with mindless chores, excitement will be hiding out. Learn to organize, simplify, or eliminate some of the more mundane and boring tasks to make room for happy. Excitement can be had while vacuuming. I promise. Sometimes we fill our lives with menial tasks like errands and time fillers in order to avoid our own happiness. If this sounds like you, STOP! Clear just a little time in your day at first, even just for a walk. Find an adventure in the park or coffee shop. NOW!

Very obviously, I’m telling you to get out of the house! Step away slowly from the computer and go do something. Take a walk, ride your bike. 🚴 Go to a bookstore and browse. Search the travel section for exciting adventures. Maybe buy a book on Machu Pichu. Visit a local museum or just a shop selling funky, abstract art. Laugh.

So, while you’re grabbing that exciting cup of java, or perusing the shelves at Barnes & Noble, find exciting people. Look around at people you know, and the ones you might like to know. Do their lives seem interesting and exciting? Take some initiative, after all, you’re bolsters by caffeine, and get to know these folk. Maybe, just maybe, you will be included in their next exciting venture, even if it is only drinks and dinner in the yard.

Perfect hostNow that you’ve met some people, be an exciting host. Try an unusual recipe. Cook something that you’ve never tried before, maybe from a different culture? Curry, Thai, or Mexican. Doesn’t matter. Share it with your new friends, who undoubtably brought some exciting wine to sample as well.🍷

Alright, now you’ve met some new folks, and here is your assignment: Be curious about people. Ask your new friends (and the old ones) random questions about their lives. Lives before kids, careers and Mommydom. Learn what other people do and figure out what makes them tick to the clock of adventure. You might discover something intriguing that excites you, piques your curiosity, and leads you to a mini adventure. After my last post, Mary (bless your heart) commented that she loves mini adventures. Day trips, festivals, etc, little things to add that missing zip to your doldrums days. Keep trekking Mary! (oh, and the rest of you too!)

OK. Curiosity. It’s the most powerful thing you own. So get out there & learn something new. Perhaps you want to travel, so you can study a new language. What about a new hobby? You will no doubt meet new and interesting people who share common, and hopefully intriguing, adventurous interests. The bonus? Oh yeah – new found abilities and an overwhelming sense of both confidence and achievement. Above all, Don’t wait. Stop always playing it safe. Take the lead. Be scared. That’s alright. It keeps you engaged and on your toes. Create the life you crave. Don’t wait to take action. You alone have the power to make your life an exciting and thrilling adventure. As much or as little adventure as you can handle. But put yourself out there.


How do you create this adventure of a lifetime? Write down your dream or vision. Spend some time thinking about your ideal life. Your dream life. Is it filled with fun, excitement and adventure? Make a list. Put your words to paper – make them reality. Write down your vision and the actions you could take to get yourself to that more exciting and adventurous life.

Last, but not least, DO THAT ONE BIG SCARY THING! 😱 Stop waiting to try something, take some action . Is there one big thing you’ve been holding back on that could change your life from ho hum boring to amazingly adventurous? Do you fancy a career change, a new locale, a change of scenery for the day? Life is short,and we need to make it count. I don’t know about you peeps, but I want to know I have at least attempted to do the things that excite me. Whatever it is, we all have to take that first step. That step, or a leap of need be, becomes action. This creates some serious momentum, and that my friends, leads us to excitement and adventure.

Adventure after JavaGenerally speaking, an exciting life doesn’t just happen. Great thrills and perverse luck do not simply fall in our laps. We need to find ways to spice up our lives in tiny little ways. Just shifting your perspective and changing some of your daily habits can change not only your attitude, but your quality of life as well. Sometimes change enlivens you and creates a new outlook on life. Your adventurous, thrilling, spicy, jazzy life. We only get one shot at making it great, make your life story awesome! See you at the mountaintop signing. 📚

Stay motivated and caffeinated! 😉☕️



  1. we all need to be reminded to add excitement to our lives–in both big ways, but more importantly, little ways
    thanks Helene!

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