The art of being great


Time for morning beans“Greatness comes in all shapes and sizes, and most true heroes are unsung. You don’t have to be a Martin Luther King Jr. to serve the world. As he noted, “Everyone can be great because everyone can serve.” Each of us has our own particular talent or ability. What is your greatness?”

Adapted from Practice Random Acts of Kindness, by the editors of Random Acts of Kindness (Conari Press, 2007).

Today, we can all reflect upon what makes us “great.”

I believe in my dreams, that I am a great friend, a great mother. I find greatness in the little things, the dog wagging her tail, the smile when I pick my kids up from school, the extra hug, the nice checkout girl at the store.

We are all capable of greatness, and can achieve it through kindness. I heard a story that inspired me, of a mentally challenged individual, who lives on his own, works at a fast food place to support himself, and shows kindness to all he encounters. It seems that he lives in a low rent apartment complex, but greets every tenant by name. He helps out whenever he senses a need, even if it is by pushing someone’s child on the complex swing set, so the mom can sit for two minutes and grab a breath. How inspiring, it seems that this simple fellow has captured the hearts of all who know him, and how? By practicing kindness.

I believe that if we all begin to think more kindly, to practice kindness, what a better world we will live in. It doesn’t take much to hold open a door, smile, say hello to the elderly person you meet at the park, etc. Our greatness can be in learning to coexist peaceably, cooperating and working in harmony with the the rhythms of society and of the world at large.

My greatness is in my dreams, my outlook that things CAN be better, that there is a rainbow of hope in everything. Maybe I am being childish in this view, however, if we all look back to our childhood we will remember the kindnesses and pleasantness of the world around us.

I am great because I am an individual, and though I may not have the power to change or inspire the whole world, I can change MY world.
So today, be inspired, be the force of change, practice random acts of kindness. Your gesture may be the turning point for somebody in the world, and that is the start of something wonderful.