The Bright Side

"Always look on the bright side of life." _Graham Chapman

“Always look on the bright side of life.” _Graham Chapman

A little food for thought after the High Holidays. This past weekend I spent hours praying for a good life, a purer soul and the redemption of the planet, or so it seems. But what I really was praying for, in my heart, was the courage and strength to make a serious change in my life. My life is not hectic, it borders on insanity, and I need to get a real grip and start laying down ground rules for myself. Semi-resolutions, since I get a second shot at New Years.

Over the past couple of days, I realized that I have become disconnected. My body, mind, and soul are no longer co-existing peacefully, and I need to regroup. Honestly, I think I am a little lost, but I know how to find myself. Some good, strong coffee, a morning meditation, losing all the toxicity and a few conscious changes to the way I have been thinking. Maybe you need to do this too.

Detoxing and finding your happy place is not about copious amounts of chocolate, wine or screaming lyrics at the top of your lungs in the car. (OK, I’m going to do that last one anyway, and for those of you who’ve pulled up next to me at a traffic stop, I apologize- get some earplugs and please, look away) Ask yourself the following questions (seriously peeps) and make some happy changes this year. I grant you permission to begin again although January is four months away.

  • Disregard negativity and stay positive. I know, easier said…blah blah blah. Really DO this peeps. Make your glass half full, because worrying about stuff is truly unproductive. Look for solutions, meditate and concentrate. Look on the bright side for everything that you can.
  • Identify your peace triggers. What makes you feel good, serene, at peace with the universe? Is it spending some quality time with family and friends? Perhaps it’s a quiet walk in nature, or sitting in a quiet spot to pen some prose. Add a teeny tiny bit of what makes you feel peaceful to your day – small increments- you can always add more. You’ll feel the difference as your life is impacted with more positive energy and happy thoughts.
  • Pep Talk. Do this every day, more than once if necessary. Look in the mirror at yourself – tell yourself how awesome and amazing you are. Every unique thing about yourself no matter how different and off the beaten track you are makes you super special. There is only one you, and you have a purpose. Find it, live it.
  • Grab an attitude of gratitude. There are so many things in this world to be grateful for, find some of them. Maybe you’re thankful for sunshine, security, great friends, a supportive family or just some really yummy coffee. All good choices.
  • Focus on NOW. “Try and embrace the here and now, the future will take care of itself somehow…” Yes, Howard Jones said it well – hints at mindfulness and being present. Ruminating and living in the past is detrimental to your current happiness. Trust me on this one folks. I know you’re worried about tomorrow and the future, but what is truly important is the here and now. So do whatever you do to be happy. Now.
  • Celebrate YOU! I know, cheesy, cheesy, but I mean it. Celebrate your little victories. Did you stick to that diet today? Did you get n some exercise or meditation? Maybe you passed on that chocolate cake…celebrate it. Every positive step in your quest for improvement needs a little pizzazz and a celebration. So Hooray for you!

Happiness is truly a state of being. We can all achieve it if we focus and are intentional with our thoughts and actions. Be motivated, caffeinated and carefree – even if it’s only for a little while. And remember…always look on the bright side of life.


Stay inspired, motivated, happy and caffeinated!😉☕