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This year has been a rough ride. Pandemic, divorce, teenagers – it was a lot to get through. But, I am in the midst of an arduous journey back to my SELF. For over 20 years, I was engulfed within someone else’s world, barely able to squeeze a bit of my true self out through the cracks in the fragile system that encapsulated my home, family, and life. But now, I am moving forward. I am unlearning the comorbid behaviors that dominated my life and reaching deep to regain my existence as I need it to be for a peaceful, uninhibited, and self-expressed life. So without further ado, welcome back to Morning Beans!

Believe in Your Reality

Suspension of disbelief. Let’s talk about dragons. (Those of you who were staunch followers may remember my love of these fantastical, multicolored scaled beasts.) I believe in the power of the mighty dragon. We all have a bit of dragon within, a few unparalleled lines of the mysticism that is… dragons.

Our TRUE selves are like dragons. Fierce, magical, in some cases legendary. We are all capable of being charming, elusive, and untamed, born with unrivaled beauty. Just think of those magnificent scales, graceful talons, and the passion of the heart of the dragon. Your inner dragon is the fire that burns within, the most passionate part of your soul. Bottle up all that energy for too long, and like those magnificent airborne myths, let loose and breathe a little fire into the world.

Let it Fly

Sometimes, life gets in the way. We skulk back, deep into our metaphorical caves, and let society’s expectations and the world at large cover up that which is most dragon-like within us. Fear stops us from letting our dragon fly loose, unhindered by the chains that bind her to the earth, and so, we keep her grounded. Afraid to be different. Worried about other people’s criticisms and not living up to their expectations. There is a fear that people will not like the dragon within and that if we allow her to surface and spread her wings, we are at risk.

Today, I am letting my dragon loose. No more will she hide in silence, cowering in her cave. It is time to show my weird, eccentric, colorful, and TRUE SELF to the world. It is time to risk the fear of acceptance and love and be the person my dragon expects and needs me to be—no worries about what others think.

That fire in your belly, your passion is the flaming dragon within your heart and soul.

How Do I Release My Inner Dragon?

In this world of shoulds and would haves and ought to’s, it is often difficult to embrace our uniqueness. It is time to confidently grab hold of our authentic selves – the one we only take out in the deep recesses of our rooms and let that little dragon fly out over the sun for everyone to see. Each of us was made to be exquisite and unique. Just think – there is not another dragon like you in all of the world. Similar? Sure- we tend to attract like energy, but not a one who is exactly like Y O U.  We were not crafted to keep all of our lovely magic to ourselves – we were created with a distinct and enchanted dragon soul for a reason. I know that I suppressed who I was truly meant to be in worrying about societal norms and conforming and comparing my dragon self to others. But no more.

Drawn Dragon
Create your dragon by using your best talent to be your intended and happiest self.

Your Best Potential – Achieve Success and Happiness!

To fully reach my incredible potential in every aspect of my life – mom, teacher, friend, etc. But, first, I must stop denying the dragon fire in my heart. Maybe God is upset or even heartbroken when people deny their true purpose and are afraid to be who they are destined to be. So shout it out – HERE I AM! It takes too much work to be someone you are not. Trust me; it is exhausting. So ask yourself, honestly, if you are living your authentic life. Let your inner dragon express herself. How do you ask? Well, it’s your lucky day, and I am going to tell you just how to let the fire-breathing flier out of her cave.

First, be courageous. This can be tough, so be kind to yourself. Stop living small – I have not seen any tiny dragons, so don’t act like one. Meek is not becoming. Do what you love and be who you love to be. Find your happy, comfy place.

Second, stop comparing yourself with others. Use your gifts and talents to free your heart and soul. If baking is a passion – get the oven going. Writing? Put that purple pen to the task. Does your dragon need to spread brightness and color throughout the world? Pick up that paintbrush. Get down and dirty and express yourself. Let yourself O U T of the B O X (or cave). Venturing towards the light may be a massive step for some of us, so baby steps. Your dragon needs to walk before she flies.

Next, understand that what has happened in the past (even the last hour) is in the past. This is the hardest one of all. Think of all those dragons hiding in the remote hills from knights on quests and vengeful villagers. Know that your worth is not connected to the past – to what was said and done to you. Your dragon had to hide out for safety, but now, she is free to show her mighty wings and take flight.

Sometimes, those who are supposed to love us let us down. This saddens your dragon, and her scales lose a little luster. BUT, do not let that anger keep you from moving forward and being the best damn dragon you can be. You are freaking AWESOME, and you need to BELIEVE that. Trust me- I am working on this every single day. Don’t get me wrong – you are allowed to be pissed off, but focus on getting that good energy flowing and moving on. Everything happens for a reason.

Last but not least, start trusting yourself. Be kinder to that sweet, creative, magical dragon who lives just yonder. Stop telling yourself about how you needed to move out of that cave and into the clouds long ago, and forge ahead. I am telling you – let that shiz go. You are amazing, I mean – you’re a dragon. You DESERVE the good stuff, so stop thinking that you don’t. Instead, spread those wings, breathe out a column of cleansing soul fire, and grab life with everything you’ve got. Life is too painfully short to miss out on loving your soul, authentic self, and magical, beautiful, fearless dragon.

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