The Morning Beans Blog One Day Reset


There’s no shame in indulging and living life, as long as you do it all in moderation. You all know I signed on for a 28-day reset. WOW. A little over my head and a lot to give up. But also a lot of good stuff to learn too. Let me take you to the bean-filled world I live in, and share some simple ways you can toss yourself back into balance. With a little help from a lot of places I’ve been to, read about and lived, here is my one day challenge to help you get your over-caffeinated groove back. Mind, body and soul – let’s take this one seriously peeps.

We all have a tendency to overindulge, whether it’s chocolate, wine, coffee or Facebook. Let’s think about all those beautiful goals we set out for ourselves in the not so distant past…like January? How many of us planned raw diets, cleanses, a wellness and/or fitness routine, clean eating, etc. and have now lapsed into the old comfy routine like slipping into those worn and cozy pajamas? Hmm? I can’t hear you…oh, there you are. Phew, I was feeling all alone out here. So how do make that healthy wellness plan stick? A one day reset. Yup, you read that correctly – ONE day – shift, control z and delete – you can do this one. Promise. Start by tuning in to where you really need that life support system, (yes, this involves a little mindfulness) and let’s all be wellness gurus for a day. Following, if you’re up to the game, is a quick jumpstart to reclaim that gumption and resolution, and reboot your fitness and wellness routine.

Phase 1: Early AM

Every morning is a chance for us to reset our goals, so if you screw up along the way, it’s cool. Scarlett O’Hara had it right, “Tomorrow is another day.” The wee early hours set the tone for your whole day, so make a routine that supports your personal lifestyle. Fine tune it as you need to so you support your own lifestyle.

The Wake Up: Stretch luxuriously – think supine feline! Do it before you even get out of bed. And before you get up to start morning ablutions, breathe deep and meditate.

Meditate: Set yourself up for success with a 5-10-minute morning meditation. Guided meditations are fine, just have it prepared the night before. Otherwise, sit comfortably on the bed, breathe deep, focus. Clear your mind and visualize your peaceful, happy place. This helps connect your runaway brain with your still sedentary body, and helps keep those stress monsters at bay. Remember that study about the CBF? Just a note – I’m only able to grab 4 minutes, and that’s cool. Work it at your own pace peeps.

Move: Now (after a quick trip to the loo and a tooth brushing) is an excellent time to get out there and shake it. Work it out Babycakes! Early morning workouts (and yes, walking the dog counts if it’s more than just out to the back deck) gets your blood pumping, endorphins (feel good hormones) working and gives your body some extra (and probably much needed) energy to make it through your grueling day.

How about a nice walk with your best friend?

Hydrate: Some nutritionists espouse drinking warm lemon water (well, room temp) It hydrates and has some vitamin C, but I’m all about plain old tap. Bottled is fine too for all the purists. Hydration is key for body functions (yeah, let’s keep that one inside, OK) and it helps support digestion. Light bulb? Yup. That’s why diets have you drinking an ocean’s worth of water daily. It’s not just to hear yourself slosh. “Proper” hydration should have you drinking (in ounces – math geeks – help!) half your body weight (and no, you don’t have to tell us how much) in water daily. (This includes those AM Beans, PM Beans, and all that green tea (iced and unsweetened) that you suck down all day.

Have your Wheaties: Not literally of course, unless you like them and can find a fresh box anywhere in the world. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day. Healthy proteins and fats (oooh – the dreaded word) give you sustainable energy and help regulate your blood sugar. All you meal skippers- that woozy feeling that you’re in the spin cycle mid-morning – should have had some breakfast. If you’re not an eater, grab a smoothie to go. There are loads of great smoothie recipes out there, and if you’re lucky enough to live near a Raw Juce? You’ve got it made!

Some no brainer notes: ** Digestion begins in the mouth: chew, chew, chew! Try to put your spoon down between bites to keep you present. It helps stop overeating.

***Drink before meals: Jury says it’s best to drink water 15 minutes before you eat and 30 minutes to an hour after you eat. Apparently drinking during meals dilutes digestive enzymes and slows down the digestive process. Drinking “away from” meals reduces excess gas and bloating. (Aren’t you glad I’m taking that Nutrition class?)

MIDMORNING: Snack Time! Indulge in a large glass or bottle of water (I take mine with brown grounds…OK OK it’s coffee) and a handful (1/4 cup roughly) of raw nuts. I know they say almonds are best, but I’m a cashew kinda gal.


Phase 2: Afternoon

Lunchtime! Avoid that PM slump by eating a normal sized lunch. Do the multicolor trick, leafy greens, protein and healthy fats to stay energized and fueled. Stay away from the SUPER-size special, and the fried junk – uh-uh…Nope. Be kind to your cells- they love you.

Move It – again: I know – you already walked the dog, did a 20 minute Pilates video or hot barre class. Yadda Yadda Blah Blah Blah. How about a quickie? – you’re on lunch break after all. Go for a light but brisk 10-20-minute walk outside.

Midafternoon Yummies: It happens. We’re working, zipping along and it’s 3:00pm and your little tummy starts growling. Looking for attention? Maybe. Give it some TLC and a healthy snack to hold over until dinner. Sliced veggies dipped in hummus (try the roasted red pepper- yum) or a small, fist sized apple. Green is best, but if they’re too bitter, choose your favorite variety. Of course, this should be accompanied by a lovely bottle of liquid refreshment – water. (Again, I like mine black with ice …yes, you’ve got me – iced coffee. No milk, cream or sugar, so zero calories and my insomniastic self needs the caffeine boost).

Midday Meditations or Mantras: Take 5 minutes (trust me, you can do this and you won’t get caught) and practice that breathing. Repeat your favorite mantra of the day to keep you focused, mindful and connected to your body.

Phase 3: Evening/Night

Dinner: Let’s keep it simple, you worked hard all day. Try a non-meat dish if you can, grilled or broiled chicken cutlet if you must be carnivorous. Don’t forget your colors. Dark leafy salad with bright bell peppers as a side, fresh herbs for minerals. You can do this – try and keep the carbs to a bare minimum. It’s one day for goodness sakes. (pun intended) Btw, dinner should be at least 2 hours before beddy bye time peeps. Keep the natural rhythm going, late evening is for digesting and resting. Unwind yourself.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean boring.

Move it – one more time: A light walk, 10-minute max here, but about a half hour after dinner. It’s like the swimming rule. It helps digestion, and helps tire you out.

And the wind down: Routine. Make this golden – nothing stimulating for an hour before you plan to hit that Beautyrest pillow. No screen time, it excites your brain. read, (unless you’re the type who can’t put it down) listen to a book on tape, meditate, stretch or practice deep breathing.

Bath Time: Please note, if you hate soaking in the water and turning prune-y, a shower is fine. Use an exfoliating shower gel that is subtly scented. No citrus wake up here – that’s for the morning peeps. Try a shower gel scented with lavender or calendula oil. It calms the mind and soothes the savage soul (or beast, depends how your day was). Take your time, the warm water and scent will calm and restore balance and tire you out too.

Nothing like a relaxing bath to end your day and wash the stress away!

So, there you have it lovelies. The Morning Beans Blog one day reset. Now you can do this anytime, anywhere – everyday, once a year – suit your needs. But I know that one day IS doable. Grab your beans, grind it up and get ready to get your groove back.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕