The Morning Beans Mother’s Day Gift List


It’s here. May 14th is Mother’s Day, and although I believe we should appreciate our moms EVERY day, it’s become a national holiday. So, while you’re gearing up to make or take mom to brunch, I thought I might post about some thoughtful gifts. Kids under 10 really need a DIY – it’s appreciated and held dear for life. And Dads, it’s nice enough to grab that grill, so even if you aren’t Jamie Oliver, mom still gets the night off from the kitchen. Sunflowers help too. (OK, they’re MY favorites.) But, if you insist on a gift for mom, here’s my top list for 2017.

Mani/Pedi. Facial. Massage. If mom is into this, a spa day is going to win her heart and make her day. Those of you on a budget- DIY. Pick up a scented candle in mom’s favorite scent. Make her a tall glass of cold brew and gift wrap some homemade bath time treats. Try this easy **DIY coffee scrub:

You will need:

     ½ cup ground coffee

     ½ cup white sugar

     ¼ cup olive oil

     ½ Tbsp nutmeg

     ½ Tbsp cinnamon

Combine dry ingredients. Add olive oil and use fork to mix in. Spoon into mason jars (or another airtight container) and seal. Tie a pretty ribbon around it, create your special tag, and Voila!

New, Stylish Sweats: Everyone knows mom loves to be comfy, but she also needs to make an appearance in society; carpool, yoga, or just grabbing a cup at DD…The NY Times recently had an article about fashionable, “hip” sweats by a company called Outdoor Voices. There’s even a shipping upgrade for Mother’s Day.

Cookbooks: Since the new trend is to save $$ and stay in, how about treating mom to a new cookbook. Does she have a fave type of food, or maybe you want to hint at those pastries you love so much. Grab a couple. I totally love Thug Kitchen (it’s Vegan with some serious sweary words, but superb food, and easy) and I’d love to get my hands on a copy of Food 52’s Mighty Salads. Yum.

On the Go French Press or Travel Tea Mug. I must admit, there is NOTHING better than fresh French pressed coffee in my morning, and to the awesome friend who nabbed me the Bodum travel press/mug – I love you. Forever and from my coffee stained heart. If you want a great gift for that mom on the go – a little gift bag of her favorite grind or brew and one of these mugs is awesome.

Pint Club. This is for those die-hard ice cream lovers. Jeni’s has a gourmet ice cream club that delivers fresh, original flavors of sorbet, ice cream, etc. to your door, in an insulated pack 4x a year. It is a little pricey at $200.00, but those of you on the DIY can create your own. Just gift mom the first 4 pints of her fave flavors with certificates for the rest of the year. A cute little dish and spoon set or sundae fixings are a bonus added touch. I’m all about the Ben & Jerry’s – Cherry Garcia, please and thanks. 😊

RESPECT. There is NOBODY out there that doesn’t love her a little Aretha. Free and excellent gift for all moms- DIY a card and include the FREE Spotify link for Live at the Fillmore West circa 1971.

Mom loves your hugs, personalized notes and gifts. Trust me.

Reusable Whiteboard Notebook. This one’s about $40. Great for mom to keep in the car for all those last-minute messages. It’s available at The Grommet, or if you’re crafty, you might be able to wing this. Make sure to include some colorful dry erase markers, and of course, the eraser.

All Tied Up. If your mom is a fashionista, a beautiful scarf to tie around her neck, waist or hair is a great idea. Splashy watercolor prints are the rage right now, but you know mom best. My kids would get me solid black. 💗

Grow Your Own: Maybe mom likes to garden, but you haven’t got a big yard or any yard? For under $10 you can get mom a Garden-in-a Bag-Mini-Snaps. All she has to do is add water, and in about eight weeks, she’ll have a bag of blooming flowers to brighten up her space. Look for these at your local garden center.

Framed. Make your own picture frame, and don’t forget to add that super pix of you and mom doing something awesome together. Visit your local craft store to make this unique and exclusive.

And there you have it. The Morning Beans Blog short list. Make Mother’s Day memorable by spending time with your mom – tell her all the great things you appreciate about her. Write her a letter listing all the amazing things she’s done that make you proud to be her child. And, breakfast, lunch, and dinner created or handled by you will always be a winner.

Have a motivated and caffeinated Mother’s Day!😉☕


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