The need for safer schools


Time for morning beansWhen I send my children to school, I automatically assume they are safe and being cared for. My son was physically abused at his last school, and we made a choice to send him to a different private school, that was supposedly not tolerant of bullying. The bully, who is a child with emotional issues and medicated, followed. He was allowed wntry to the school because his mother works there.

Yesterday, my son went to school, and while helping set up chairs for assembly, was stabbed with a pencil near his spine by the aforementioned child. My son instinctively lashed out, he was in pain, and both boys were given the same punishment – an in school suspension. The same punishment? Really? And I was told my son was more aggressive and if I filed a police report it would be worse for my child. Luckily, there is no damage short of a small bruise, but the potential for serious harm to my son was there. Where were the teachers? And why is my son relegated to the same punishment when he was acting on instinct, self defense…

The unnamed child has already assaulted my son on more than one occasion in more than one school. Why is he allowed in the general populace, ah, there’s the rub. His mother works in the school, his father divorced and abandoned the family, and the mother is fighting breast cancer. Ok, I feel badly for the family, but shouldn’t the child need therapy, a stricter policy for behavior in school?
I am seething, and unfortunately, this is 8th grade. We need to stick it out until June.

I want the other child away from my son, yet the administration refuses to separate him. He has recently begun to taunt my younger son, in hopes of perturbing the older. I don’t understand his anger or it’s direction at my son, and I want some action taken, though I am not sure what rights I have. If anyone out there reads this and has any ideas, please post.
Thanks for listening.