The Quickie List of Meditation Benefits


OK, so I took a break. I needed to rest my overactive brain and deal with some pressing life issues. Thank you my favorite peeps, for keeping the torch alive. (Yes, I’m hopeful – rose-colored glasses always!) As I recall, I promised you a series on meditation. So a quick refresher may be in order (it’s been a couple of weeks after all)

Meditation has been a great help to me on my hiatus, as I regrouped, rested and handled the curveballs life just keeps tossing my way. And I HATE baseball. Hockey, LOVE- give me a good check against the side of the rink and a hat-trick anytime! Anyway, back to the matter at hand. Meditation. It’s healthy for you, emotionally, physically and psychologically. So let me introduce you to my top 5 benefits of meditation.

Before I continue – a little disclaimer: These benefits are best experienced if you practice meditating on a regular basis. That means the frequency of your quiet time peeps. The length of time you sit lotus style, “Ohming” your way to clarity is unimportant, but you are more likely to benefit from regular, repeat performances. So 5 minutes a day at least three times a week is better than one gigantic hour-long session with your Sunday morning coffee.

  • Creativity Boost: I guess I put this first since I consider myself the artsy, creative sort of soul. Creative blocks are caused by many things, including both internal and external tumult. Either way, we get stuck, and the result (for me it was a 2-week blog vacay) is that we get stuck. We repeat the same thought processes with no resolutions. When we get stuck, we need to meditate. It’s like hitting the reset button. Step away, breathe deeply, and find your new thought patterns.
  • Concentration: When we were kids, we used a deck of cards to play concentration. Meditation is the grown-up way of playing; it’s practice in learning to concentrate and focus. Meditation helps to get us used to the idea of shifting our attention to what is necessary and essential when our minds get all clogged up.
  • Relationships: Meditation helps us improve our relationships. Meditation helps us to reconnect with ourselves, which is mucho important. By connecting to ourselves, we become more focused, relaxed and self-accepting. This lets us be our best possible selves when we are with others. Also, meditating helps build our awareness of the “stories” that surround our relationships. We get to see different perspectives which allow us to create better, deeper relationships with the peeps who count.
  • Self Confidence: Your self-confidence comes from the story you tell yourself about yourself. Meditation helps build self-esteem and helps us learn to handle negative emotions. We all talk smack about ourselves to ourselves – that is a big no-no. Meditating helps us to notice negative thoughts and to change them while we are in the moment. Mindfulness peeps.
  • Self Acceptance: When we meditate regularly, we become more aware of our thoughts and how to control them. One of the key functions of meditation, I think, is learning to notice our opinions without being judgmental about them. It’s about seeing them, but not getting caught up in the stories behind them or possible meanings. We can learn to develop new perspectives on our internal “self-speak,” and practice being mindful of our feelings and thoughts in real time as well.

Summing up folks, we all know meditation has perks, and it is good for us, beyond relaxation. Meditation has both direct and indirect benefits including some I haven’t mentioned here, such as boosting your immune system, pain relief and that incredible feeling of being whole (yeah, you know – one with the universe). So set aside a few minutes a day, inhale, exhale and feel great!

Stay motivated and caffeinated!‍♀️☕

Here’s a little music to motivate you to meditate…enjoy.