Therapeutic pets


Time for morning beansThe more I think about it, and the longer I have my beloved dog, I am resigned to agree with those who say pets are the best therapy. Cooking and baking cause weight gain, then stress. Kids, cause headaches and stress. Husbands, cause more headaches, extra work, and more stress. My little 9 pound fuzzball, requires very little of me. She is up front and center, tail wagging, ready for anything I care to do, be or feel. Loving cuddles, a scratch behind her ears, she is in blissful doggie heaven, and I feel calmer. No idea why this is true, but the studies don’t lie.

In maintaining my thought, I questioned several friends. Cat and dog owners alike, all said that they couldn’t live without their animals, the animals are better than humans, they have an innate understanding of when humans need empathy or a purr or a lick (ew, but a necessary evil I suppose). One of my closest friends argues that her cat is the only real possession she has, yet the cat is quite independent. She always thanks he lucky stars (as do I) that dogs and cats do not speak human.

I was made aware that dogs can be service animals for emotional needs. How wonderful it would be, if at work, school, or the store, when something goes awry, our pets were there. Would we stop the cycle? Stop the screaming, ranting, raving? Would we feel calmed by their presence, petting them to clear our minds and relax?
Perhaps it is too soon to make assumptions, but I for one, am going to hug my dog.