Three Reasons to Keep Moving On

Life is a gentle cycle, and we all have a purpose on earth. Make every moment count.

Life is a gentle cycle, and we all have a purpose on earth. Make every moment count.

If you’re alive, and I think you are since you’re reading this, then you know that living life is a big, giant risk. Being happy is risky. Life is all about being a little uncomfortable, stepping out of your comfort zone. It is about bonding with others, making connections and not giving up. It’s  about taking all those opportunities that scare the bejeezus out of you so that you can live every moment to the fullest. Be one of “those people,” the ones who make mistakes, shrug them off and use them as learning, growing experiences. Be strong. Be happy. Be kind. You get it.

As I write today’s post, my thoughts turn to a wonderful human who has left this planet for the great beyond. A kind, gentle, generous soul, one of those people who’s light shines from within and makes everyone they touch or see or smile upon feel special and lucky. Late last Wednesday night I received a text that the man responsible for organizing community service, holocaust studies, and so much more in our school community and beyond passed away. I kept hoping that if the school didn’t send out a mass text, that it wouldn’t be true.

Without letting this post become a tribute or a memorial, I want to simply dedicate it to Dr. Yoram Dahav, (OBE*) teacher, mentor, the treasure of the Donna Klein community. (OK, so it is a sort of memorial post, forgive me) He used his gentle ways to show children and parents both the reasons why life is so special and worth living. He embraced each day with a smile and a hug for anyone who needed one. He lived the Jewish value of “Tikkun Olam,” healing the world, making every word and gesture count in the larger cycle of life. Now, after a semi-sleepless night, I have three very good reasons why we need to let go of sadness, bad karma, and all the other “stuff” and move forward with our lives.

  • Know that there is A LOT of life left to live, no matter your age. It is never too late to live a day that makes you feel proud and happy. We get one shot at today, and then it’s yesterday’s memory or regret. So stop wallowing in tragedy. You have a choice – stagnate and stay the same, or change and be the best you possible. Make the best of life, because it’s really in your hands. Do something different – startle yourself – feel deeply. Learn to engage with others who might help you grow, and live a life you are proud of, no regrets. If you find that you aren’t proud of your accomplishments, or happy with your life- change it. You have the power.
  • Let go of the pain. You’re only abusing yourself. All the adversity in your past has given you strength and wisdom. Toxic thoughts equal a toxic life. Learn to make peace with your past, your failings, yourself. By healing your thoughts, you toss out self-loathing and bring on the happiness. Of course, it’s hard – I never said life was easy, did I? Remember, the more you harp on your negative feelings and fears, the closer you become to being your worst enemy.
  • Learn to move on,  because it creates positive change. Don’t wallow in the “Why Me?” syndrome, but be proactive. You have the power to change EVERYTHING. You’ll see, it’s liberating to surrender yourself to changes and to live life to the fullest.

Back to Dr. Dahav. Loved by all, his warmth and caring nature will be missed on campus. His happy demeanor will be absent from all school functions. I hope that he has instilled in us his zest f or life. He lived a tough life but survived. And with a smile. So to all the seniors, children, survivors, those with special needs, and whoever else’s life he touched, believe in his ideas of hope when you feel hopeless, and greet the world with a smile. Dr. Dahav’s light may be with God now, but his legacy lives on in everyone who knew or met him. May his soul find peace in the Garden of Eden and be bound up in the bond of life. Amen.


*OBE-Of Blessed Memory

Stay inspired, motivated and caffeinated!😊☕