Today is the First Day of Your “Someday”


grab-your-hornsToday’s post will be a quickie. I hope it motivates you, and makes you think. I hope it helps you focus on where you are, and where you want to be. I hope you get up and grab life by the horns. Give it a good swing and hang on for the ride.

This week is all about truths. And they can be painful. So here it is – the cold hard truth; You’re not going to be able to read all those books. And the house won’t ever be clean enough or uncluttered enough. There will always be another errand, another repair and the lawn will always need to be mowed. Yes, it’s true. Now get over it. I am by no means criticizing you or your organizational skills, but I am liberating you. Yes, this a statement of freedom. When you know the odds are stacked against you, and all the little crappy stuff will be waiting for you tomorrow, it’s easier to make today count. And that’s what it’s all about. “Someday” is right now. Anytime. And if you let it, that can be really exciting.

Give yourself permission to pursue your dreams.
Give yourself permission to pursue your dreams.

If we ever hope to reach our biggest goals, we have to make some tough choices. We have to give ourselves permission to ignore certain things for the sake of something more important. And just what is more deserving of our time than pursuing our dreams and reaching our goals?

Obviously, life has some realities we can’t ignore. We need to eat, work, sleep, exercise and take care of ourselves and our families. And not in any particular order. After that, it’s all optional. The choices are completely ours. If you feel you don’t have time to pursue goals for a mindful, healthy life, it’s time to do something about that. Practice some tough love.

I know. It’s difficult to accept this idea. Even I have trouble with it. We’ve been raised in a world not used to doing without. But you can say NO. Just because we are used to being pulled in a zillion different directions, doesn’t mean we can’t let something slide. Lose the tunnel vision on your next task. Don’t lose sight of what’s important. In the pursuit of happiness, resistance is futile. (No, I’m not Borg.) Today, if you won’t do it for yourself, I am giving you permission. For what you ask? To start letting go. Loosen up. Mindful patience my friends.

It has been said, “You can have everything. You just can’t have everything right now!” To live the life you want, it takes priorities and patience. To reach your goals and pursue your dreams means you have the ability to choose between those things competing for your attention, and the ability to set some of those things aside for now and wait.

beautiful-lifeYou decide which steps to take. Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. So, when it comes right down to it, your choices may not be so rough after all. Embrace your freedom my beautiful ones, and live a mindful, fulfilled life.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕



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  1. Awesome post love! I totally know the feeling and frustrations it can cause. It all comes down to setting boundaries, prioritizing your goals, finding balance, and knowing who you are through all of it.
    xx | A

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