Up All Night? How to Make It Through the Day

It’s late, you’re relaxed and ready for bed, but you just can’t sleep. Read on for some tricks to make it through your day.

I’m staying with the sleep theme my peeps. So, those of you who are secret members of NA (Nappers Anonymous) will appreciate this. You know how it happens. You are watching your favorite show, or reading your emails, it’s late and your eyes start closing. Tired, you amble on up to bed, and settle in for a good night’s rest. But, that is not to be. The sandman has neglected to leave you a deposit, and you are awake. Sometimes, you might fall asleep only to keep waking up. How will you manage the ups and downs of tomorrow with oh…2 hours of semi sleep? Read on my somnambulistic lovelies.

Alright, so let’s play this out. You go to bed ready for your usual 6, 8 or 10 hours of sleep. Heck, maybe you’re a 12-hour snoozer- that’s cool. So, you’re all squishy in your comfy pj’s and buried under the covers, and you wait. You stare at the ceiling, the clock, the backside of your hand (yeah, I do that) and after an eternity, you fall asleep. However, just what kind of sleep did you have, because it seems like your slumber was filled with bizarre dreams, and you wonder just how much quality shut eye you managed to get. Now, it’s morning and your brain is all fuzzy, it’s like being hungover but without the memories of a great night out with friends and tequila. (you do know Tuesday is GNO with $15 pitchers, right?)

Sleeping is uber important for us humans. Our bodies and our brains need the down time; pulse drops, breathing levels out and we feel well rested the next day. These nighttime follies leave you antsy, anxious and totally unable to focus on whatever you need to be doing in your daily grind. Unless your grind is coffee, I cannot see a lot of success on these sleep deprived days. However, you lucky little ducklings, there are plenty of little tricks you can use to get through the “day after.” Remember, it’s about the body, and the brain. So, grab Pinky and let’s take over the world! (please tell me you know what I’m referring to here) Here’s  how.

  • Get Out. Like in Poltergeist. Toss off those blankets and run for the light! Seriously folks, open the blinds and let the sun shine in. If like me you’re up with those nocturnal beings (sleeping later than 5:30 just doesn’t happen here) turn the lights on. Bright. Your body needs a wakeup call, and short of heading to the Pump Room, the bright incandescent light is your answer. (Although drinks and dancing do sound like so much fun) If you live somewhere where the weather is tolerable, open the window or patio door for some fresh air. It helps.

    Don’t forget to caffeinate in moderation.
  • Caffeinate, but within reason. Chugging that coffee is a great wake up, but it is a temporary solution. Unless, like me, you have a tolerance for the java juice, too much of this magic elixir can have a reverse effect. I would gauge 4 cups as a maximum a.m. intake for those who are not running the coffee through their veins. As for the rest of us…as MTV once said, “Too much, is never enough.” Seriously folks, too much caffeine can act as a sedative (just be why I’m so relaxed). Just hydrate. The act of getting up and grabbing something plus the added bonus of potty runs will encourage you to get up.
  • Move It! What a great segue…so you haven’t slept, you feel like a slug. Seriously get up and move it, move it. Be as active as your tired little body lets you. Take a break and walk around. Lunchtime? Grab a 20-minute walk. If anyone needs incentive, I have a dog to loan you.
  • Naptime. When you are seriously sleep deprived and exhausted – what you need, baby I got it. I know, just like you do, that all the coffee in the universe is just a temporary fix. A delicious and enjoyable addiction, but temporary. You need some serious shut eye. You can get creative at work and take a nap. If you work from home – aces high! The bed, the sofa, the chaise on the deck…but for the rest of the humans in the workplace, it’s head down on the desk. Don’t sweat it. Even that works, but if you can set your mobile for your lunchbreak – go lay down in the backseat of your car. Minivan owners – you can rent space to coworkers. Remember, even if you can’t sleep, just closing your heavy, burning eyelids and resting relaxes the brain. That’s what it’s all about anyway. If you can, try a quickie meditation video. Just keep those baby blues (browns or hazels) closed.
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, and you’re asleep!

Now that you’ve got a handy manual to the woes of insomnia, keep in mind that tonight, well, the night after you haven’t slept, should technically be better. No money back guarantees, but you missed some serious shut eye; you will be catching up on that refreshing, restorative sleep in no time. But – no pressure. Relax. Do what you need to and go to bed as close to regular time as possible, you should be OK. No expectations, no pressure, and the Sandman will be stopping by before you can count one sheep, two sheep, three sh….

Stay Motivated and Caffeinated!😉☕

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  1. This has been me lately. I has so much going on I have to force myself to sleep and then it’s a restless sleep! Thanks for these tips.

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