What Makes Us Special

We are all special, unique and one of a kind- embrace your wonderful self!

We are all unique and special individuals. Our individuality is what sings from our soul when we are in a room full of people and makes us stand out. What do people remember about you when you leave the party? For me, I think it’s my upbeat attitude, my unique take on the planet and my incredible knowledge of trivial boloney. I’d love to assume it’s my talent for spewing Shakespeare and other Restoration drama, or my amazing talent to sing the lyrics of any 80’s-90’s song (off the alternative list mind you) without mistakes and completely off key. Tone deaf and proud folks 😊.

OK, really, what is it about YOU and ME that makes us special? I’ve made a list. Oh yes, the list is endless, but these are my best picks. It’s sort of an inventory of your life storeroom. Ask yourself the right questions, and you’ll get an idea of where your life is right this moment. Yes, present, mindful, NOW. Hopefully, this list will jog your overactive and lovely mind so that you can figure out to be the best YOU that is possible. Bring out your own uniqueness and bring it to the proverbial table. Weird is not necessarily a bad thing…here goes…

  1. Style: We all have a signature style, even if we don’t want to admit it. It isn’t about those stuffy business suits you wear to work, but more about how you ARE. Are you bold and daring, racing into life like you’re headed for the latest roller coaster? Or maybe you’re entertaining, a comedic wit that makes everyone laugh. How about the more intense, quiet but loyal friend? Are you bold, silly, a dim-bulb ditz? Neurotic, peaceful or artsy? Grab your comfy outfit and toss it on – scream your style out loud, after all, it doesn’t feel great to be what you’re not.
  2. Belief: What do you believe in? And don’t just think religion peeps. What are your innermost personal thoughts about the universe? About yourself? Are you limiting your life because you don’t believe in your own potential? Brave the answers my friends.
  3. Personality: This is a big one. Are you idealistic, a dreamer, introspective, caring intense…. oh, there are so many options. Are you the spontaneous enthusiastic one or the powerful challenger? Maybe you’re the peacemaker. Look at your life and your relationships. You know who you are. I promise. And…if not, try taking this personality test at eclectic energies, just be sure to answer 100% honestly.
  4. Goals: Do you know what your true goals are? Have you written them down to make them more vibrant and real? The goals we choose and whether or not we set them determines a very large part of our uniqueness. Make sure your goal is something you really want, not just something that sounds good. Always jot it down in a positive way, and in complete detail. It’s like your own mini instructional manual for life.
  5. Creativity: This counts. You don’t have to have a million stories or paint a series of pastoral landscapes to be creative. Maybe you just like to jazz up your lunch salad, but any way you slice it, creative spirits are happy souls. To be creative, remember to suspend judgment, be kind to yourself and still your wandering mind. Creative peeps are Zen peeps.
  6. Attitude: This is a biggie. Self-fulfilling prophecies can be tossed aside with a little positive encouragement. Are you a Negative Nancy or Positive Polly? Your attitude and mine, is shaped by association, influence, thoughts and beliefs. Re-evaluating expectation and encouraging self-talk can give you that positive outlook that makes your unique self a happy self.
  7. Age: Really only a number in my book, it’s all relative. If you feel old, an unenergetic, you won’t be able to project your true unique self on the universe. Feeling fit, energetic and alive (however you do it – for me it’s all about the music).
  8. Relationships: Who and what we relate to are a HUGE part of who we are, and affects our special, unique qualities. Are you connected to some lovely peeps? How about animals – pets maybe? What about the environment? Do you care? I am nature girl incarnate, I wish I could save all the animals and snuggle them up in safe environs. I also like to hang with some pretty awesome folk who make me feel special. They value my uniqueness as I honor and value theirs.
Standout in a crowd by being yourself.

Each of us is on a unique life journey. The paths we choose to follow define our unique selves. What I find so incredible peeps, is our ability to change so many of the variable in our lives. What makes each of us special and unique is how we spend our time, energy and thoughts. It’s all about how we respond to others with all our quirks and foibles. We all have the power to evolve and bring our unique, one of a kind selves forward and into the light. I think that’s awesome.

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕

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    • Sheila -It isn’t always easy, but to quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

  1. What is hard sometimes is that you being yourself not only makes you stand out but makes you an outsider. Great post.

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