What Will Make You Reach the Spotlight?


You may ask what is the spotlight in this case?

The spotlight  for me is ‘to get attention and interest from the public’ i.e. reaching the point you desire for yourself.

The spotlight for me is not attaining fame, but being in a happy place where you are the centerpiece of your life and your dreams. You have reached that point and now can work on your next dream.

If you ask me about it, I would like to tell you all the truth. I haven’t reached mine yet but yes, I can say on my way. The journey will never be easy, but one must remember it will be worth it!

I believe life is a maze where the path of our journey never is a straight line. It is not a marathon where it’s all about running as fast as possible. Rather the secret down here,  is to be persistent, simply because life is not a fixed dimensional, rather there are an infinite number of possibilities based on the paths we choose as well as leave in life.

I would like to share one of my favorite dialogue from a Bollywood movie where the lead says:

“In life, we don’t get screwed for the path we take … we get screwed for the path that we leave. ” What do you have to say about it?

I feel it is all about the vision which is the required fuel to achieve your dreams! And based on the path we select, we shape our future. For example, imagine you decide to quit your current job and work on your Dream to reality, but  coincidently at the exact same time, you are offered a raise at your job. Now at that point, of  the path of the two available, the one you choose shapes your future and you own it. If you don’t you screw it up! Right?

Next I ask: Do you get inspired by the simplest of the things? Coz I do. That’s the reason I break up my dreams into goals, may they be the short or long term.

I always say ‘Taking action is what sets the dreamers apart from the wishers.’ When you are persistent life is more fun! Simply because that’s when you realize life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows! It’s finding the light at the end of the tunnel!

We all go through times when we feel pressure to achieve certain goals, behave in a particular manner or even look a certain way. These pressures, or expectations, might have a positive influence to challenge or motivate you to do your best. Or sometimes your expectations for yourself might not be helpful and could have a negative impact on your thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Don’t let your expectations shatter your stage before your reach your spotlight; rather that is the time when it is necessary to hang on and remember that the light at the end of the tunnel will be visible eventually as you keep on moving forward. It is the tunnel which is temporary and as you exit you hit your spotlight!

It’s about time we defeat this negative voice together!

What do you say?

When experiencing a slump, one is required to shift their perspective and use the obstacle as a stepping stone to achieve even greater heights! There are many tips and advice on how to cultivate a change in attitude, but one key way to do this is to begin a gratitude practice.

Be grateful. There is always, always, always something or other for us to be thankful for. Find it! It will help you come out of the quicksand of negativity. Also, try helping others come out of their slump, this way you too can spread  positivity, which will in turn help you work on your own dreams and aspirations.

The power of positivity has never been as important as it is today!

Let’s spread as well as cherish it. Are you with me?

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Sushmita Thakare Jain

Sushmita is the founder of her own ventures – EFR International & S.H.Traders-Fablook. She is a Biotechnologist by qualification but an Entrepreneur & Motivator by heart who loves to blog in order to share her heart  as well as to express herself. An Explorer & Wanderer who loves to read books and listen to music, an occasional cook and an animal lover! For Sushmita, motivation and persistence are the key to success!

Sushmita’s writing interests include sharing her experiences and stories with you, regarding topics such as: motivation, social engagement, personal development, empowerment, sometimes finance and other thought-provoking topics.

You can follow her on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & Facebook. Check out her posts on her Blog for EFR International & BeBee.

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  1. Quite interesting.. I like that you allude to someone’s perception that what was left behind may have taken us to a better path than where we are. Reminds me of my mother’s comments when she hears of our challenges. She thinks we should all have gotten government jobs, settled and be safe and secure in being assured a pension. Hahaha… It drives her nuts that I have never lived working towards a safe pension. I take risks , jump, fly, fall, and get up, to go again. Whatever I left behind I don’t miss, because I have been blessed with my life to live
    Please go ahead and chase those dreams

    • @Donna-Luisa, Funny,my mother also talked about the “safe” jibs, yet I am always flying by the seat of my pants..I’ve done some interesting things that I would have missed out on had I followed the safety net road.

      • Donna-Luisa & Helene Furst I agree it seems our parents are keen on being on the safer side, it’s difficult to them but hopefully some day they will connect with us on our break free journey fingers crossed for us and others out there 🙂

  2. This resonated with me. I got trapped in a profession for a decade, and then two because it was comfortable and allowed me to see the world. It was coming up my third decade when I began to question whether this was what I really wanted to do. I still feel a constant pull back to the industry I left, but life is too short and I don’t want to be trapped for another decade. So I left, perhaps to seek the spotlight, but more likely in the pursuit of making an impact. Loved the article Sushmita.

  3. I believe most parents like to see their offspring take the path with few hurdles, perhaps because of their own hurdles and struggles With that said, there are some of us that have to spread our wings and fly. We need to follow our dreams. Nice post, Sushmita and I like your blog site.

    • I hope Franci Hoffman that you like this blog site as well, and that you’ll come back to visit again!

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