What’s My Niche?

Always be a little different - original is always better than a copy.
Always be a little different – original is always better than a copy.

No matter how you pronounce it, all bloggers have one. A niche. And that’s a good thing. It gives your blog a focus, which helps your loving fans find you faster, and establishes you as an “expert” on your chosen topic.  That said, I offer an apology. Yes, this is kind of a shameless self plug, but also written with love and good intentions(Please don’t remind me about that road.)

So, back on track now. What if you have a general niche, but like to dabble in “other stuff? Well, I have decided that’s OK. Some of us fickle yet creative writers have a lot of knowledge. And often in weird genres. So yes, Morning Beans has a niche – positive psych all the way, and I mean to see that you get some good, happy vibes when you visit. Which I hope is often.

So, how did I choose my niche? Let me tell you my deep, dark secret…dear sparkled fans, it found me! Honest. It’s all about writing what you love. Since most of you don’t love Elizabethan and Restoration Literature, it had to be something else. So, I started to think. Once I smelled the smoke, it was a no brainer. I love feeling good, and making my friends feel good. I am a helper sort, the one you can 90% depend upon (sometimes I’m a little fickle or I overextend myself – you get it.) So, let me motivate the ones I adore – all of you out there in cyberspace! Because we’re all friends after a cup of coffee and a quick chat, right?

So let me talk to the other bloggers and writers for a minute. Choosing your niche. You need to know yourself well. What are you passionate about? Dig deep. For me, it’s coffee, motivation, good books, poetry and helping the ones I love. I’m an extroverted introvert, so how to help while hiding out was a big issue. But here, in my little laptop, I am safe and happy, and pleased to meet you all! My blog gives me the freedom to choose how I am; how I represent myself, share my self and love every minute of what I do. Seriously, listen up peeps, if you don’t like your topic, you will be bored, and it shows. I’ve had a couple of crap posts – yeah, you know the ones. Let’s gloss over those and move on, alright? I have enough motivation to keep going.

Choose to be unique and love Morning Beans Blog
Choose to be unique and love Morning Beans Blog

Next,  back to my readers. Do you really need me? I am feeling the love, because I hear you saying, “of course we do, silly goose, that’s why we are here reading.” I need to remember to write about stuff you care about. Feeling good, being healthy and motivated, well, you care. We all do. So I am expanding and testing the waters. A little more health, well-being and fitness blogs in the future. Just I ask of you to always be honest. I respond to feedback. And to my commentator who liked my older posts – duly noted. Let me try and write for you in a beneficial manner. Let me educate, humor and entertain you. I might even make you cry. And that’s OK. We are all human and in this together.

So, my blog might sort of seem like a mish-mash of whatever, but my “niche” is actually to help you live happy, healthy, motivated (and caffeinated) lives. Keep checking in for that 10-day challenge. It’s for those of us who can’t seem to stick to resolutions. And I promise, these are some handy little tips you CAN incorporate into your daily life.

Please make sure to visit often, and don’t forget to check out the Free Beans section. Freebies for download (like calendars- yup, useful) and printable Latte Lists…and of course all the good stuff to come. Sometimes sneak peeks, sometimes, my friends, you will need to exercise some patience. I’ll send up some cool links for some of my fave meditations and the like. I mean, if it really is that good, share and share alike, right? And that’s kind of what I ask of you – pass the beans, the morning beans that is. (LOL)

Pix by Justin Leibow:unsplash.com
Pix by Justin Leibow:unsplash.com

Lastly, you know I’m going to share some scientific stuff, because I can, and sometimes, it’s really interesting. No boring statistics. I can’t handle it, so I won’t subject you, my loyal java swilling fans to numbers, lists and words we can’t pronounce. I will share personal stories, because we’re friends, after all. Maybe you had similar experiences, maybe you will find me funny. Maybe, you’ll feel motivated to share your stories too. I’m open.

So let’s end today’s post with something great  to start your day. 18 minutes to a peaceful, energized day. You can even do this one under the tangled sheets in bed. I do. After those long, languid, cat-like stretches. I am ignoring all the cracks, I guess I’m crispy, haha.

A Morning Meditation from Sonima.com

Stay motivated and caffeinated!😉☕





  1. While not a writer, I always prided myself as a specialist in my field, it may not be the the most important job, but I excel at it. That knowledge brings me happiness.

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