Why Everything Gets Better With Coffee


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You had to know it was coming, There’s no doubt by now dear readers, that you know I’m a coffee junkie. I thrive on the smell, the taste, that eye opening first smooth sip at the crack of dawn. Before there is movement from any of my natives, I have sucked down enough caffeine to rev my engines. I often wonder if instead of blood, there is coffee running through my veins. I live on caffeine and adrenaline, and admit it my friends, most of you are the same.

Coffee is the most amazing drink around. I know very few people who can can get by without their morning beans, and perhaps even a pick me up cup or two later in the day. No worries my friends, it turns out science has proven that the humble coffee bean (roasted, soaked, ground, dripped, pressed or heaven forbid – instant) has some serious health benefits. Not only does that Java juice perk you up in the A.M., but it’s good for you! Finally, a good addiction. ☕️

Ladies, let’s talk first about those all powerful antioxidants. In 2005, a study showed that no fruit or veg comes close in the pursuit of antioxidants. Move over blueberries, the human body is believed to absorb the most antioxidants from coffee. As an added bonus, coffee has essential nutrients, and if like me you’re enjoying 3,4 5 or more cups per day, you’re doing yourself a HUGE favor.  And now forsome numbers! sorry dear readers, but just to prove the point. According imageto the US RDA (recommended daily allowance) an 8 ounce cup of joe contains 11% of the RDA of Vitamin B2, 6% RDA Vitamin B5, 3% for manganese and potassium, (move over Chiquita Banana) and 2% RDA of magnesium and B3. Bottom line, when you reach the bottom of cup #4, you’ve reached your vitamin intake for the day.

Staying within the boundaries of health benefits, perhaps you have heard that drinking coffee lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Studies show that those who drink the most coffee (note my ever present IV, ha ha) have a 23-50% lower risk of developing this disease. Each cup consumed daily is associated with a reduced risk of 7%, and 7 is my lucky number!

Next, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Serious coffee drinkers reduce their risk by nearly 65%! And the other nasty, Parkinson’s ? Well, coffee drinkers have a 60% lower chance of developing this neurodegenerative disease. NOTE: decaf drinkers do not fall into these categories.  Black water is not beneficial, so keep on caffeinating!

So onto the Big C. Yes, coffee. I adore it, the smell, the taste, all these healthy benefits. Coffee can help prevent the Big C. It appears that the humble coffee bean and it’s caffeine content helps protect against liver and colorectal cancer, AND, my sun worshiping Goddesses, skin cancer as well. But please friends, if you have a family history, don’t give up the doctor visit.

imageAll my GNO peeps, yes you my tequila, vodka and G&T drinkers – protect your liver! Keep those $15 pitchers coming, because drinkers of the magical bean have a much lower risk of developing cirrhosis. So raise that mug and toast to good friends, good times, margaritas and of course the morning after morning beans!

OK, now this is my favorite benefit. Not only does coffee wake you up, energize you and taste yummy, but it can make you smarter! The caffeine in the bean is the most commonly consumed psychoactive substance in the world. Coffee drinkers of the world unite and we can save mankind and the planet! The caffeine blocks Adenosine, (not one of those happy hormones, it’s an inhibitor) and it lets all those neurotransmitters run rampant and rapid fire synapses and cause big ideas! Amazing! Many controlled trials have proven that coffee improves memory, mood, vigilance and energy levels. Also reaction times and general cognitive function is improved. All bonus rewards in my book!

Now ladies, listen up. Coffee helps burn fat. All natural, it really imagehelps. Honest. Metabolic rate can be increased up to 11%. So before that A.M. Run or night at the gym, chug-a-lug a mug of pure hi-test. Black is best, stay away from the sugar. Your benefit? Caffeine increases epinephrine levels, you know, the fight or flight hormones?   Intense physical activity is now enhanced. So drink up and push yourself a bit….you can do it!

Coffee makes you happy. Period. Harvard University published a study in 2011 that found women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee a day have a 20% lower risk of depression. My friends, I am obviously the happiest girl in the world! Coffee de-stresses me (and you, admit it), in fact, just a whiff of those delightful beans can change your mood.

TO those of you who still think coffee is a nasty druggy habit, back off. While the caffeine does increase blood pressure, it’s such a teeny tiny bit. For regular imbibers, it levels out. There is also evidence that women who partake in the daily ritual of morning beans have a reduced rate of stroke and heart attack. Great news for all moms of teenaged demons. Keep it pure though, it increases longevity.image

So to all of you non- caffeinated, black water drinking coffee lover imposters, beware. Those of us indulging in the ritual of morning beans are poised to be here for a long, long time. And we’ve only been getting smarter and healthier and happier. We kick butt at the gym, so don’t mess with us! Fellow java junkies rejoice, indulge, increase consumption of the magical elixir. Now that you know the benefits, will you step,up and drink more? Iced, hot or made into granitas, what’s your plan? Share your bean-y love and I promise rewards of virtual caffeinated coffee hugs.



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