Why Life is Boring


“The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

                                                                                                                                               -Paris Hilton

I’m going to get brutally honest here peeps, so if you aren’t looking for truth, pass on today’s post. I was pondering my life as usual, and I have come to realize that there is not that much excitement happening here. I mean sure, there are coffee dates, wine nights with Yahtzee at Ilene’s and even a live concert or two, but mostly – life is ho hum…boring.

I have sat here today, staring out the window at a saggy hibiscus that is flowering on one side, and listening to my bird scream as she dive-bombs the dog, couch, and my head. I searched the internet for the elusive information about my next career move. I listened to a friend who is down on her look and looking for a new chapter, and I listened to the complaints of someone who is mortally depressed. Is that all there is to life? Well, yes, and I am going to list the reasons why. I bet you can identify with some of these, so I am issuing a challenge to you and me. Right now, let’s tackle these boredom blues and start living. It’s OK if your cash flow is low or you feel like your ass is dragging. Smile and fake it till you make it. Check out the top quote- it’s why I choose my DMs over FMP’s any day. 😊 We are going to learn to live out loud  starting right after this enlightening post.

  1. You are an online junkie. Here’s a question peeps, how many places did you go this week versus watching Netflix, Prime or Google Play? Have you checked in with any of your friends IRL lately? Or are you stuck in Facebook land? I know, we are all guilty. Life just doesn’t happen from behind a computer screen, so get up and get out there. Now.
  2. You think you’re all that. So you have started thinking you are so over the bar and club scene. You are waaay too old and mature, or you’re in a relationship, so it’s better to sit t home and be bored. You hate your depressing life. Congrats. Now move on – you’re never too old to dance or have a drink with friends. Maybe make some new ones too. Hey, you just never know.
  3. You have let yourself go. How many of you are guilty? Physically, mentally, emotionally? We all have those moments where we become someone we don’t want to be – ever. You feel uninspired, and your creative self has gone to sh**. This is YOUR fault. Own it, and move on. You’ll feel better, I promise.
  4. People ask you to hang out, and you say no. Really? What kind of wuss are you? (Sorry -the 80’s are creeping in) Time to cut the BS and woman up. We both know that you and I have turned down invites because it was: too hard, too hot, too cold, raining, too far, you didn’t feel social – shall I go on? If you want excitement in your life, you need to involve some other people besides me, myself and I. So get up, get dressed (see #5) and get out. The best times happen when you move beyond the “Nooo; I don’t feel like going out and talking to people.”
  5. Let’s discuss those pants, or the lack thereof. Life cannot happen in any way, shape or form if you are not wearing pants at least 90% of the time. All that work in your PJs has fluffed your active brain cells. Put on some clothes! Start with 80% of the time – I can’t be more brutally honest with you there. Get up and get dressed – before caffeinating.
  6. Neither a planner nor instigator be thou. Ok, so I’m mocking my favorite bard, but it’s true. I mean, the difference between you and me and the peeps with plans for Saturday night is that SOMEONE picked up a phone and made a call (or group text – check the decade thing folks). So, you were afraid everyone would have plans or say no? You deserve to be bored. No surprises.
  7. You won’t do anything alone. How’s this scenario, you don’t know anyone at the party or network event, so you opt out. You’re afraid of being singled out that you’re at the coffee shop or movies alone. Now, you’re bored. Good job. You have managed to hide inside your antisocial shell, and now you feel like you have no connections. Hmmm…
  8. You don’t travel. (See #7) If you are silently ogling friends pix on social media as they travel to exotic locales and ski resorts, who is really to blame? Be brave and get out of the house – try a mini road trip and talk to people. Friendliness is a gift. Figure out your budget and try getting away, even if it’s a staycation. I bet there’s a bunch of places in your hometown or within driving distance that you haven’t discovered yet. Doesn’t have to cost a lot, so you can be budget conscious. Be bold or be bored. Your choice.
  9. Can we talk about sex and romance? Dr. Ruth put it all out there – if your body is bored, then your mind is bored. Now I’m not saying you should go ISO a good roll in the hay, but you don’t want to stay in that desert for too long. Find an oasis – maybe try the romance section at the library. Heck, you may even make a friend while you’re between the stacks.
  10. You have become BORING. Period. I have to put this out there since it affects all of us. I hate that it’s so cliché, but it is most likely true. When’s the last time you tried something new? Anything? A drink, restaurant, book club, new music, a hobby You are bored sh**less because you keep ignoring or saying no to things that you should embrace. Start saying HELL YES! and you’ll have plenty to talk about when you get out or want to brag on social media.

There is an urban myth that life is like the movies – think the mad dash through the airport to get back your love, your life, your dog; yeah, it’s cliché. Life can be exciting, but you need to put on your big girl pants and get out there to experience it. When the lights go up and the credits roll, you want to be able to say, “Damn, that was an awesome ride.”

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